Sunshine Orange

This entry started life as an Instagram post, then I remembered that I’d wanted to start writing regularly again and I was doing it, just not where I would see it and count it. So, here we are.

TL;DR: I’m super glad I have a garden and that I made myself go to it today. Also #marisolthesubaru is the same color as a perfectly ripe sun gold.

This week has just been a lot. ER with J Monday, in the middle of turn-over-the-keys moving day. Multiple full-body applications per day of both heavy duty lotion and steroid cream to a particularly nasty case of poison oak or ivy or something, with no visible resolution, and his dominant hand looking like it may explode from the swelling. A self-care appointment I only have once a month and social plans involving ice cream had to be put off for a visit to his doctor’s office, during which I didn’t manage to keep my game face on entirely and maybe let it slip that I’m a human and feel impotent and helpless when I can’t fix everything for J. Then a fucking wasp queen decides to hold court in MY kitchen. 

:deep breath:

Other things that have also happened or been true: I talked with Rich about housing the ECC library and finishing up the cataloging job, so “my” library will be a completed project before I am officially done volunteering there for the duration of school. I spent time with lovely people eating good food, watching fun TV, playing/watching people play tabletop games, and discussed gender-y things and feelings-y things and life things. I saw Jupiter and 3 (maybe 4 but not certain) of its moons through my telescope from my living room. My sister got a promotion she’s really excited about. Our new home  allows for us to have both internet service and a WiFi router that should mean no more frustration for work or play. I harvested the first tomatoes from my garden (which are really my primary focus there if I’m being honest). I had my first meeting with a financial coach and am excited rather than dreading our work together.

Gardening and stargazing both have the potential to give me perspective when I need it most. While I’ve always been in general awe of our natural world, I hadn’t dug deep (if you’ll pardon the pun) into what it means to be a part of it until I had a garden, and I couldn’t truly appreciate the vastness of it until I had a telescope.

And you know, this is a complete derailment but both of those things, I got from Southern Maine Community College.

I am so excited about my acceptance to and upcoming time studying at Mount Holyoke. But especially now that I’ve connected those real-life ways SMCC has informed the way I exist in the world, I’ll never forget or lose sight of how truly priceless experience there has been.

Photo through the open window of an open driver’s side door overlooking gardens and the ocean. The car’s exterior is bright orange, and a hand holds a bright orange sun gold tomato in the frame of the car window.
Marisol and my first sun gold of 2018.



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