A few small bits.

I intended to fiddle with the blog today, but it just didn’t come about. I did get a bit accomplished today, so I’m not going to stress about what I didn’t do. As a friend wisely advised, “When you don’t do everything on your to-do list, write down what you DID do and check it off.” I like this idea quite a lot.

My step homework is more time-consuming than my sponsor would have me believe, so I’m working on that before bed so I’m ready for our morning chit-chat. In the meantime, here is a list of things I thought today, in no particular order.

  • Cauliflower is so great. Why don’t more people like it?
  • Iliena is gonna be pooping glitter for a week after writhing on the bathroom floor and grooming herself.
  • I’m five feet from the TV and need my glasses. Maybe it’s time for a bigger TV.
  • The price of gas really helps me avoid trips out of my way when I’m driving.
  • I don’t know why cleaning out and rearranging the fridge and freezer is so satisfying, but it is.
  • I need circular knitting needles so I can make legwarmers while I watch movies.
  • If my lock/unlock key breaks off in Bessie’s door when I’m not at home, I’m pretty well screwed.
  • Retail therapy in the shape of books from Goodwill is amazing, and inexpensive. I should do this more often. (for the list of books purchased today, head over to FolioFiles).

Now, the new Muppet movie and chronicling the effects of my resentments. Balance is everything, no?



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  1. Most people don’t know that his son Theo was hydrocephalic for a time and his dad also developed a shunt valve, called the WDT, or Wade-Dahl-Till. (My contribution for your entry, as my appointment on Tuesday is on my mind).

    • Count me among those who didn’t know! Please make sure Daisy has my number and knows she is welcome to call or text any time with updates or if she needs support. Obviously that goes for you, as well, but she may not know it, where you’d better know :) <3

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